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Author Topic: The Divine Liturgy of the Greek Orthodox Church in English (Video)  (Read 822 times)


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Published on 8 Jun 2012


The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom chanted in English by the Mount Lebanon Choir of Byzantine Music.

01-The Great Litany
02-The First Antiphon
03-The Little Litany
04-The Second Antiphon
05-The Little Litany II
06-The Third Antiphon & Little Entrance
07-The Trisagion Hymn
08-The Epistle Reading & Alleluia
09-The Holy Gospel
10-The Cherubic Hymn
11-The Litany of Supplication
12-Praise to the Holy Trinity
13-The Anaphora
14-The Meghalinarion
15-Commemoration of Hierarch
16-The Litany Before the Our Father
17-Communion Hymn
18-Communion Hymns
19-The Prayer at the Ambon
20-Blessed Be the Name of The Lord
21-The Dismissal
22-Lord Have Mercy